Flashlight Video Projector App For Android Free

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Surely you want your smartphone to be used as a projector so that your screen can be displayed on the wall or on the screen. Don’t be confused because you are already on the right website, let’s see the explanation below about Flashlight Video Projector for android.

Smartphones have many functions that help us in carrying out daily activities, such as communicating, accessing the internet, accessing social media, entertainment and so on. There are so many benefits that we feel if we do something positive by using a smartphone

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Usually when we use smartphones to watch videos it feels like something is missing and we think if the screen on a smartphone can be projected onto a screen or wall it would be more fun.

Based on this thought, the admin realizes that the application is important to support projecting the screen, therefore the admin suggests using the help of a flashlight video projector app that has this function.

By using Flashlight video Projector Apk for Android you can easily enjoy large screen images while watching your favorite videos.

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Flashlight Video Projector App For Android Free

Flashlight Video Projector App For Android Free

What is Flashlight Video Projector app?

Flashlight Video Projector app is an android application that was developed to improve the display function, with this application you can easily turn your smartphone into a portable projector.

Flashlight video Projector Apk uses the Android Photo Intensity Variable Motor (APVE) system which is only supported by devices such as cameras and flashlights on your smartphone.

This app is available for free, which means you don’t have to pay to access the available services. All its features are open to every user. So, you just need to install the app and use all the features that are already available.

The flashlight video projector for android application has many features that can be used, for more details, see some of the application features below.

Features Flashlight Video Projector :

  • photo gallery
  • Image files extension jpg / png
  • Video Gallery
  • Any video files supported
  • mp4 / 3gp / flv / wmv Any video file extension
  • Phone screen is standby
  • No annoying ads
  • web browser
  • Video streaming
  • Manually installed/downloaded apps

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