13 Best and Latest ERP Accounting Software for Companies

Software systems help companies manage business activities such as finance, production, sales, projects, and resources. It provides an integrated platform for managing all aspects of a company’s business.

This approach allows companies to manage their business in real time and carefully.

Enterprise resource planning software also helps a company collect and store transaction data from various sources. This way the company will have a secure database with information.

The software is designed to meet the specific needs of businesses of any size.

It is advisable to be informed about the best accounting software that can be recommended to the company.

Best and latest accounting applications for companies

Below is a list of the best apps:

Odo: open source

Odo is integrated with web vendors, online stores, POS systems, management and sales applications.

The software promotes business development by providing a platform with 1,000 additional modules.

Cloud system

The account provides accounting modules that include features such as lending, cost accounting, and cash flow management.

The software allows companies to manage their finances more efficiently and accurately.

RP account profit is a professional team that helps you 24 hours a day.

Oracle ERP

Oracle is one of the leading accounting software tools that provides comprehensive access to the cloud.

The software has a graphical indicator that is displayed in real time on the control panel of the computer screen.

Business management cloud during the working day
Workday is a cloud-based application that evolved from the HCM system and includes all ERP capabilities.

The working day allows businesses to perform their financial and accounting functions flexibly.

Netsuit System

The most widely used and reliable software is erpnet sweet. Why is this app so popular?

Because netsuit has many features that can be adapted to the business needs of the company.

Netsweet software is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

It outperforms other accounting programs because it includes cost audit features.

Undamaged sage

Intact Sage is one of the best software options for 2023. The module consists of several modules designed to Ikpa standards, making it an excellent choice for Public Accountants.

Intact sage comes with video tutorials and tips that facilitate the use of the software.

Intact Sage also eliminates user access control so that it can be integrated with other applications that complement online payment and travel management processes.

Illuminator: retail accounting software

The software is now integrated with popular online shopping platforms such as we have and Sh, surprise, Bay, Big Trade.

Brigprell is a software that helps companies manage back office and develop their business.

The system updates real-time sales data so that the company can take preventive measures if stocks are low or run out.


This app is a good choice for people who want a modern and uncomplicated system that is not as expensive as other options.

If you want to spend an average amount of money, you may be shown professional business management features.

This program is best used for storage resource planning. This app is available for free to anyone working in small and medium-sized businesses.

Saab s / 4 Hana

This application provides a modern and comprehensive business system to help you manage your business by providing explanations and demonstrating business value.

The cloud, mobile technology and memory will continually shape these areas of business and technology.

This new application will perform a quick analysis, allowing you to track your transactions.

The underlying real-time business process is linked to public databases managed by Database Management.

The central part of SAP

An example of accounting software that can specifically integrate key features into industrial plants.

Examples of this can be things such as Phi, SD, materials management, and Human Capital Management (Human Capital Management).

It can also simplify the process and provide information in real time.

Developed by SAP for warehouse management

SM Sapp acquired the company’s warehouse management company. The program effectively and comprehensively manages the distribution and storage of goods.

The absorption app can not only store and receive products, but can also send information tracking alerts and other important notifications.

It should be noted that this application is an example of products with very high interest rates, especially among Indonesian companies.

The advantages of this system are that it helps to improve control and visibility in high-activity warehouses, as well as support different warehouses.

Earp account

The software is equipped with a very comprehensive accounting module that can help your company manage debt, costs and cash flow.

He had the advantage of being able to accurately and efficiently manage his financial statements for a total of 24 hours.


Software systems help companies manage business activities such as finance, production, sales, projects, and resources.

The software is available in different sizes and shapes to meet the needs of large companies.

It is important for businesses to use accounting software to facilitate accounting work in the financial industry.

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